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The Flourishing in Canada project presses for reform to policy and practice that directs both toward respect for human dignity and away from human greed. In our posts, we discuss the underpinnings of policies we recommend, specific policies themselves, and current events in relation to the themes and recommendations of the book. Here is where we expand upon the book that is soon to come.


Education: Metacognition

Image courtesy of Punaruangjan at If you think education is expensive, try ignorance. Derek Bok There is nothing more important to the long-term success of a society than the quality of its education. No...


Our Malleable Preferences: Part 2

Photo Credit: Elle Neill at Naples, Italy It is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker that we expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own interest.... Montreal 2018 0

Why Flourishing?

Photo: Elle Neill, Parc LaFontaine, Montreal, 2018. “He is happy who lives in accordance with complete virtue and is sufficiently equipped with external goods, not for some chance period but throughout a complete life.”...


The Rise of the Tournament Effect

Photo: Elle Neill, Rome, 2014. The Tournament Effect is the tendency over time for the gains to the winners to increase disproportionately to those of the more moderately successful. And there seems to be...


You Can’t Get There From Here

Photo: Elle Neill We wanted flying cars. Instead we got 140 characters. – Peter Thiel, Founder of Paypal The Tokyo Metro is a marvel of efficiency and practicality: beautifully clean and well-designed with excellent...